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What does Privilege Security do?

Personalized Cybersecurity protection
for high net worth individuals.


High-net-worth individuals often become targets for unscrupulous individuals, political enemies, competitors and criminal dragnets.

Wealthy individuals are often viewed as private clients rather than the large corporates and quasi-institutions that they are.

Who Does It Serve

Privilege Security caters to executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and their families.  We protect these individuals from threats such as online extortion, cyber-crime, targeted social engineering attacks, intellectual property theft and account takeover.

How Are We Typically Engaged?


  • Response to Viruses or Ransomware Infections
  • Insurance and Legal Investigations
  • Social Media Account Takeover
  • Mobile Device Loss and Theft
  • Smart Home Invasion
  • Voicemail Hacking
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Data Breaches


  • Ransomware Protection & Cybersecurity Insurance
  • Security Testing of Digital & Physical Assets
  • Counter Espionage & Premises Sweeps
  • Secure Financial Transactions
  • Secure Storage and Backup
  • Secure Mobile Devices
  • Secure Hardware VPN
  • Secure Web Hosting
  • Secure E-Mail

Cyber-tools are used to exert pressure and extract rents on companies and individuals alike even from thousands of miles away.

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