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Here you will find how we typically engage with a new client and what to expect before, during and after our meeting.

During what we like to call the “Initiation Phase,” this will include our first contact with you after having received your information and potential problems you’d like to have addressed.

We will:

  • Speak with you or a nominated person on your behalf to understand your issue
  • Ask questions to fully understand the implications of your request
  • Explain what we think should be done and the timeframe it should be done in
  • Arrange a face to face meeting to discuss further and generate a plan of action

After our first meeting, we will gather our findings together and move on to the “Planning Phase,” which will include:

  • An outline of the issues which need to be addressed
  • The time it will take to remedy them
  • Explanation of the services we will provide and the approximate cost
  • A formal contract to be reviewed and signed by you

Once we are ready to start work, the “Execution Phase” will begin. Here is where we get into the nitty gritty of our technical expertise and do our “IT Magic!”

Once the issue has been remedied, we enter the “Closure Phase,” where you review what has been accomplished and we explain how to possibly avoid it in the future.